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Navigating Disaster Recovery Together - Cheyenne River Long-Term Recovery Group

Our mission is to protect our land and people by proactively managing the impacts of climate change and emergency events. We are dedicated to preserving our cultural heritage and ensuring the long-term sustainability of our community. By integrating traditional knowledge and modern practices, we strive to create resilient and adaptive solutions that honor the balance between humans and the environment. We are committed to educating and empowering our members to take action, and to collaborating with other tribes and organizations to address the global challenge of climate change.



Through education and trainings, Long-Term Recovery Group aims to ensure Community Members are better prepared in a disaster or emergency situation.  Contact us to get information on our next training. 



Through education and training efforts we protect the communities on Cheyenne River through Community Emergency Responders. Also to protect our constituents we locate resources for weatherization, heating/cooling, and assist in securing titles to rightful owners. None of these efforts would be doable without partnerships with other non-profits!



The goal of all our efforts is recovery. Through preparation and quick response, we hope to make recovery from disasters more streamlined. 

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Cheyenne River LTRG Aids in Securing Residents Deeds After Habitat Housing Dissolution

June 23, 2023

Release from Director Arthur Rave: 

I hope this message finds all of you in good spirits. I am thrilled to share some incredible news with everyone who has played a crucial role in the process of helping over 30 plus families achieve their goal of becoming official homeowners. Each one of you has provided pivotal information along the way, making this achievement possible.

I am delighted to inform you that last week marked a significant milestone in our efforts. We successfully obtained a lien release from the State Bank of Eagle, a local financial institution. This development holds immense importance, as these homeowners were left without their deeds when a nonprofit organization dissolved, leaving many families without the necessary assistance and resources. By securing the lien release, we have paved the way for the Cheyenne River Tribe to act. The tribe has committed to honoring the closure of each individual homeowner by granting them a deed from the tribe, as well as a trust land assignment for their respective lots. This newfound security ensures that these homeowners now have access to the various resources for recovery and to assist them in their journey as homeowners.

In addition to this remarkable progress, I am pleased to share that the Cheyenne River Tribe has entrusted the original Habitat office and volunteer house to the Cheyenne River Long-Term Recovery Group for ongoing recovery efforts. This gesture serves as a testament to the tribe's recognition of The CRLTRG unwavering commitment to serving the CRST community.

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